Our order process

You might browse the main steps to be capable of ordering the products below:

We approve all orders with the suitable products below

  • By the availability of raw products, we can provide based on your requests in terms of product samples and even net content.
  • This can be ordered with a minimum of one ton.
  • The raw products make sure of national and foreign standards. While ordering, we can offer the origin, manufacturing unit, and engineering parameters.
  • As soon as you want to accept the last order and make payment, we should be in charge of preparing the order, testing, packaging it, and transferring it to you.
  • Reconnect international companies might keep track and update the order status daily for clients to follow. Even video calls so that you should track your order easily and rapidly.

Apart from it, we offer you a professional packaging service. With a certain number of orders, we will design and opt for suitable packaging that meets your standards. Let’s keep in contact with us via email: sales@reconnect-rice.com to get the information about minimum orders.

2. Our roles

  • First of all, our company will be in charge of offering the product based on the client’s requirement. Consists of product ingredients, technical specs, design, packaging, and shipping.
  • Before the product is packed, throughout the process, we can support images and call daily to keep updating the product in specific detail.
  • We could convey that the requirements are suited, trusted, and you admit confirming the delivery.
  • The order can be announced and tested once before delivering it to your place.

Payment Policy

1. Orders under 20,000 USD with contract

1.1 Wire transfer form

At this time, all big and tiny banks throughout our country assist with a wire transfer. In this case, you should own a bank account. Moreover, you can get the money transferor’s detail like

  • Customer name – It is similar to the bank account’s name and has no accents. (Mrs. Lan Phuong)
  • Bank account number: (Reconnect International company)
  • Swift code: Used to determine the sender’s bank, every bank can get a code to differentiate it from different banks across the globe.
  • Phone number and address to keep in touch with a customer: