Rice flour and fantastic, simple ways to prepare it at home

ingingRice flour is a very common ingredient in Vietnamese cuisine and is used in many dishes. From banh xeo, banh cuon, to various types of rice paper or porridge, rice flour plays an important role in the cooking process. However, in addition to traditional dishes, there are many different ways to prepare flour to create fantastic and simple dishes at home. Let’s explore these exciting ways of preparing rice flour with Reconnect International in the article below.

1. Common types of rice flour

Rice flour is a versatile type of flour made from rice grains. The rice grain’s inner meat is ground into a fine powder after the outer layer is removed to create flour. The flour is known for its translucent white color and is a staple ingredient in many traditional dishes from different countries worldwide, particularly in Asian cuisine. Rice flour has a distinct chewy and elastic texture, making it a popular choice for preparing a variety of dishes, including cakes, rice paper, rolls, noodles, porridge, and even sweet desserts.

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