The related information on shipping

First of all, you should know that placing an order with Fresto shows that clients stick with the terms and conditions established by our organization. Besides, the company will become your products and services vendor because of the contract approval from all related parties.

Overview of Delivery

1. Samples shipping

Clients can take free samples, but you get to pay the shipment fee. As among the leading plants which could provide air freight services, we might focus on the leading quality and even products for up to five days.

2. Order shipping

  • Tiny packages: all-in and door-to-door shipping
The tiny packages bought from Fresto can be transferred in the form of door-to-door shipping/all-in shipping, based on the client’s decision. In addition to that, sampling orders can be shipped by famous plants like VPS, TNT, and DHL. In other words, those plants might ensure you have a suitable delivery time.
  • Big volume packages such as bareboat or containers
Big volume packages can be the key package with low value when bought from Fresto company and will be regularly sent by sea in bareboat, or containers. There is even complicated customs regulation, and the shipping cost can be lower.

2.1 Useful influences

Air transport usually reaches around 1% of the volume but takes around 20% of the value of export/import goods in foreign trade. The airfreight holds the first rank in operating the items below
  • Courier goods
  • Cargo
  • Goods with high value
  • Goods that ask for quick delivery to suit the market trends and demands.