Bringing growth, ingenuity, and experience to market

Omega Bros JSC, known as Fresto branch in food industry, is one of the most experient suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables in Vietnam. Our bussiness is mainly exporting the tropical fresh fruits to Korea, Japan and Australia.

Climate change gave new challenges on food industry. Fresto brings new awareness to changing outdated agricultural practices, bringing sustainable development opportunities to Vietnamese farmers. We support local farmers with modern, safe farming techniques that meet the standards of the most demanding markets.

  • Scientific and modern cultivation process
  • Global GAP farming method
  • Minimize and strictly control the use of pesticides
  • Strict quality control processes for packaging and transportation

The change has helped Vietnamese farmers increase the value of their products, help them get rich on their own land and help Fresto provide high quality tropical fruits with large supply capacity, contributing to the global value chain.

Our fresh fruits are not only the high-quality safe food but also the melody of the the tree, the soil and our farmers. Enjoying great fresh fruits is the experiences we would like to share to everyone.