Popular mangoes in Vietnam

In Vietnam, there are many varieties of mango. Let’s learn more about popular mango varieties in Vietnam

1. Kent Mango R2E2

Kent mangoes have large fruits that are pink in color like peaches, and some that even turn orange-red, with an eye-catching shape. When eaten ripe, mango flesh is very firm, sweet-smelling and low in fiber.

It can be used to make smoothies, mango shakes, mango pickles and some other snacks…

2. Keo Mango

Keo Mango has a slightly rounded shape, with a waist in the middle.

Keo mangoes have an average weight of 320-450g.

The flesh is thick, the seeds are small, flat and has a special sweet and sour taste. When it’s raw, Keo mango has a mild sour taste and the ripe mango has a sweet taste.

3. Cat Chu Mango

Cat Chu Mangoes meat have low fiber, soft but slightly chewy when enjoying, people will easily feel the deep sweetness and strong aroma.

Cat Chu mangoes have an average weight of 350-450g.

When eaten, Cat Chu mango will often melt in the mouth and the sweetness will still linger on the tip of the tongue.

4. Jin Huang Mango (Cat Saigon)

Each Jin Huang mango fruit has an average weight of about 600g-1100g when harvested, with thick pulp and quite firm flesh. In addition, Jin Huang mango seeds are quite thin, fiber-free, and have a sweet taste even when green, so they are loved by many people.

Jin Huang mango is not only a snack but it can also be used to process into foods that suit many people’s tastes such as dried mango, mango jam or mango juice.

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