Famous types of rice wine should not be overlooked

Rice wine is one of the traditional beverages of East Asian people, especially in countries like Japan, Korea, China, and Vietnam. However, rice wine is also becoming a popular and widely consumed drink worldwide. There are numerous famous types of rice wine around the world, each with its own flavor and style. In this article, we will explore some famous types of rice wine that should not be overlooked, so you can discover and experience their unique tastes.

1. Korean Rice Wine

Korean rice wine, also known as “Soju,” is a traditional Korean liquor made from rice and fermented. Soju has an alcohol content ranging from 16-45%, depending on the brand and production method. It is often consumed during parties or when drinking with friends. With its distinctive flavor and high alcohol content, Korean rice wine has become an integral part of Korean drinking culture and is one of the most beloved types of liquor worldwide.

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